Thank you for visiting Feast for a Fraction.  I am Sarah, the voice behind Feast, and I’m here to tell you a little about my personal journey.  My frugality, as with many others, came from necessity.  Between my divorce, moving four times in six years, and a series of poor financial decisions on my part, I found myself under a mountain of debt with a poor-paying job while I struggled to get my personal chef and catering business off the ground.  I felt trapped and couldn’t imagine how I could dig myself out.  With some help from the “baby steps” and a super-strict budget, I was able to pay off $18,000 of debt in two years.  I still have student loans to tackle, but I feel like such a weight has been lifted.  I still need to be intentional with my money and stick to a budget.

Part of that strict budget was limiting my grocery budget to $40/week for myself and my daughter.  I had to be very creative planning meals that would stay within our budget.  I also utilized (and continue to use) coupons, store sales, samples, and some creative ways to make extra money.  I am also very passionate about creating interesting dishes.  I love to open my pantry and create a meal on a whim from what I already have on hand.  I’ll teach you how to build a pantry of dry goods and spices that will allow you to be creative in the kitchen whether you are on a tight budget or not.  We will eat fabulously well on any budget.

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