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15 DIY Valentine’s Decor Crafts

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Raise your hand if you need a creative outlet in your life. <raises both hands waiving frantically> I LOVE doing DIY crafts because my full-time job has me stuck behind a computer and on the phone all day. I enjoy making pretty things and need that time to be creative in my life. And it’s something that my daughter loves, too, so it is a wonderful excuse for mommy-daughter time!

These DIY Valentine’s decor crafts are so cute and easy to come together. Even more than the fact that they are Valentine’s Day related, these crafts provide a new and interesting way to craft. Swapping out colors can instantly make these crafts perfect home decor all year.

My BEST piece of advice is to stalk your local Dollar Tree for craft supplies. I have at least three stores within 10 miles of me and I make a habit of popping in to see what they have. If you’re going to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, make sure to pay attention to the weekly sales and ALWAYS use a 40% off coupon. They are always available on their app, in email newsletters and in the newspaper inserts.

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As for skill level required for these crafts, you can make each of them as easy or intricate as you want. If you prefer not to sew, you can use a hot glue gun to close seams or even attach pieces.

The best part about DIY crafts is that you can do it with your family or a friend. Make a girls’ night out of it. Crack open a bottle of wine and have a craft night!

I can’t wait to see what you make for your home. Make sure to tag me on Instagram @feastforafraction

DIY Valentine's Home Decor Crafts

These DIY Valentine's decor crafts will brighten up your home for the wonderfully sweet holiday, and they make the perfect gift for a loved one or a friend. Break out the glue gun and get crafting! 🙂

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