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Budget Friendly Vacation Ideas for Families

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Are you planning your summer vacation? If so, you may be finding it hard to find budget friendly vacation ideas for your family that everyone will enjoy. If your budget is tight this year, you may need to think outside of the box a bit to find the perfect vacation spot. Use these 8 budget friendly vacation ideas for families as a place to start your planning. You never know what fun may come from a great starting idea!

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Check out State or National Parks

Visiting a state or national park near your home can be the perfect budget vacation idea. Usually you will only need to pay a small admission fee to open up all the park has to offer. Go camping, grill out, or grab your pole and go fishing. This is the perfect option for those that enjoy the outdoors!

Visit a local Amusement Park

Visiting an amusement park may seem expensive, but if you look at all the ways to lower your cost, they can be quite budget friendly. Packing your own food and eating at your car, opt for a cheaper season pass ticket option and bringing your own drinks can all help cut your costs.

Plan a Beach Vacation

Taking a beach vacation is almost always budget friendly. Grab your sunscreen and swimsuit and head out for a day or two on the water. This can be even more budget friendly if you choose to go camping or stay in your car instead of renting a hotel room.

Visit a Historical Place

Have you ever visited some place like Gettysburg, PA or Lincoln’s home in Springfield, IL? They can be surprisingly budget friendly! Grab the family and head to your favorite historical landmarks for a cheap and educational family vacation option.

Take a local Music Tour

Most larger cities have a local music scene which means that even though you may live in the country, there is likely music near you. Head to the city over the weekend, book a hotel for a night or two and your only other costs can be cover charges or tickets. Make this an even cheaper option by packing your own food and eating at the hotel or AirBnB before you head to your next concert.

Go see Niagara Falls

Every family should see the beauty of Niagara Falls at least once in their life! It’s lucky for families that are looking for a cheap vacation idea that the only cost you’ll have is a hotel room and gas to get there! If you’re driving cross-country, make this an even better vacation by finding other national or local sights with free admission to stop and see along the way.

Visit a “Dude Ranch”

With so many people living in cities, most families never see something as simple as a horse at work. Visiting what was traditionally called a “Dude Ranch” can be a great way to not only learn about life outside of the city, but to get involved too! AirBnB has great options no matter what part of the country you live.

Take a Museum Tour

Museums are typically very budget friendly and the chances of your town and state having a plethora of them are very high. Make a list of museums your family would enjoy in your state and spend a week driving to visit them. Your family will enjoy the road trip and learning while you enjoy keeping your vacation within budget.

More Money-Saving Tips

If you’ve got your heart set on a major trip, consider becoming a mystery shopper as a way to make some extra income or as a way to cut down on some expenses while you’re on vacation.

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