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How to Make Extra Money this Fall

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Fall is the perfect time to make extra money for the holidays. I have put together a few ideas for side hustles that are perfect for Autumn. Let me know your ideas for making extra money this Fall in the comments below!

Back to School/Fall/Halloween Photography

If you have a camera then fall is a fantastic time to get into selling photography. Back to School is a popular time for photography and if you’re lucky enough to near a patch of vibrant fall colors it makes a wonderful time for family photos. Finally, there’s Halloween and all the fun costumes that come along with it. Put ads for your photography services on social media or reach out to local haunted houses, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches to see if they would be interested in either hiring you as a photographer or doing profit sharing deal with you.


When fall rolls around, all the fun parts of having a big garden are done for the year and you’re left with leaves and pine cones falling all over the place. For many people, these tasks are an irritation and a chore. That means you have an opportunity to make some money. With just a rake and a roll of trash bags, you can start your seasonal outdoor cleaning business. This is a great job for adults and kids, so you can even do it as a family.

Collect Horse Chestnuts and Sell Them as Laundry Nuts

There are a few different types of nuts in the world that can be used to wash your clothes. Those that are found commercially grow in Asia. But, there is one that can be found in the West quite frequently, Horse Chestnuts. These are quite common across North America and Europe and have the same soapy qualities as the expensive laundry nuts you can find in some stores. Laundry nuts are especially popular in the zero waste movement and other eco-friendly lifestyles. So, go out and collect horse chestnuts, bag them up, and sell them online. Facebook is a fantastic tool for selling these sorts of things.

Election Clerk

If you’re looking for a short term commitment that pays pretty well and is helping humanity, then consider being an election clerk. Yes, if you have a full-time job you’ll have to take the day off from work to man a polling booth, but depending on where you live and how well your job pays it is well worth the money. Plus, you get the opportunity to do a civic duty which will make you feel great.

Neighborhood School Carpool

If you happen to live in a neighborhood with a lot of school-age children and have some of your own, you might consider doing a school carpool. In the past, this sort of thing might have been a trade-off situation where all the parents involved take turns. But these days fewer people are driving or they don’t want the hassle. That means there’s an opportunity for you to make a little bit of extra money during your school runs.

If you charge even just $2 a day per child, and you have space for 2 extra kids you can make nearly $100 extra every month just for driving your kid to school, something you already do anyway. Not that I recommend your prices be that low, that’s just an example of how quickly the money can add up.

Try becoming a Mystery Shopper to make even more money throughout the year.

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