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Easy Holiday Appetizers on a Budget

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The holidays can be a stressful time between gifts and attending parties. Check out my tips for keeping it simple during this busy holiday season and check out the compilation of appetizer recipes below. These easy holiday appetizers come together quickly, will be a crowd-please, and they are affordable for any budget.

Tips for Easy Appetizer Prep

It’s important to set yourself up for success when you know you’re entering a busy time of year. When planning what to bring to a family gathering or holiday party, think of items that can be made days in advance. You can get the prep out of the way so that it comes together very easily the night of your event.

If you’re headed to a brunch, try my Everything Bagel and Lox Spread. It can be made up to two days in advance. I serve it with “bread sliced” bagels when I’m really trying to impress. 😉

Don’t be afraid to take some help from the store. Prepared pie crust or puff pastry is the perfect shortcut for easy appetizers that will still look amazing. Canned beans will blend up easily for a delicious, homemade dip or hummus.

The slow cooker is your best friend. I don’t know how many times I’ve thrown a package of Lil’ Smokies in the slow cooker with a bottle of barbecue sauce and a little grape jelly. It is the easiest appetizer and it is always a hit. Meatballs, chicken wings, spinach dip… These all would work wonderfully in the slow cooker.

For even more tips, check out this article from Taste of Home.

Holiday Appetizer Recipes (for any budget)

Easy Holiday Appetizers on a Budget

Cooking shouldn't be a stressful part of the holidays. Take a break from time-consuming dishes and spend the time saved with family. Try these easy holiday appetizers that are simple to put together and won't break the bank.

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