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Best Cookbooks for Eating on a Budget

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People often believe that cooking from a cookbook is going to be more expensive than a normal meal and in a lot of cases, this is true. It’s very easy to end up spending more money than you normally would when you’re making meals from cookbooks. Thankfully, there are a lot of budget-friendly cookbooks out there to pick from. These are great for students, small families, and big families alike. Here are a few of my favorites.

100 Days of Real Food: On a Budget by Lisa Leake

New York Times Bestselling author and food blogger Lisa Leake has come out with a budget-friendly version of her book and blog 100 Days of Real Food. It has a cost breakdown for every recipe which can be used as a rough estimate for how much your meal will cost. It also has an entire chapter dedicated to slow cookers!

Budget Bytes by Beth Moncel

This is a book that I use frequently for my own family. It’s written by Beth Moncel, a former broke college student turned food blogger and author with a degree in nutritional science and dietetics. She includes the price breakdown for each total recipe and serving, and includes some great instructions on how to stock your panty on a budget.

Family Feasts for $75 a Week by Mary Ostyn

A mother of ten shares how she manages to feed her family on $800 to $900 a month. It has 200 delicious recipes along with expert tips on how to save money while grocery shopping. Even if you aren’t feeding a family of 12 this book is sure to save you money and keep you eating great food.

Frugal Vegan by Katie Koteen and Kate Kasbee

Eating vegan on a budget is possible! Katie Koteen and Kate Kasbee are here to show you how in Frugal Vegan. The book teaches you how to avoid expensive perishable foods and special ingredients while still enjoying nutritious, filling food.

Good and Cheap by Leanne Brown

This is my absolute favorite cookbook to use on a budget! I find myself reaching for it any time I’m looking for a quick cheap and easy to cook meals. This cookbook was written with those on Food Stamps/SNAP in mind who only have budgets of $4 a day, all without relying on heavily processed foods. It is a New York Times Bestseller and IACP Award winner. It’s full of healthy cheap recipes with a ton of great options for variety. For every copy of this book sold, the publisher also donates a copy to a family in need.

Good Cheap Eats by Jessica Fisher

If you’re looking for a book filled with cheap meals that can be made in a short amount of time Good Cheap Eats is the book for you. It has more than 200 recipes in it that don’t have any artificial ingredients or processed foods. Jessica has also written a number of cookbooks and also maintains two blogs!

The Savvy Shopper’s Cookbook by Amy Sheppard

This book will take you through the process of shopping for groceries, giving you tips and tricks along the way to help you get great tasting food without breaking the bank. In it, you’ll find recipes like Moroccan Chickpea Curry, Steak and Potato Salad, and 15 minute Apple Crumbles. 

Try my Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili for another budget-friendly meal.

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