It’s Brooklyn’s Birthday

My daughter turns 9 this week, and I have made it my mission to make her birthday cake each year.  I set the bar a little too high, though, with her 4th birthday, and have been trying to top it every year since.

2nd Birthday: Funfetti Cake in Heart Shape with Conversation Hearts

4th Birthday: Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream

5th Birthday: Funfetti Cake Cut into Stars for Decorating with Kool-Aid flavored icing

7th Birthday: Zebra Print Cake with Strawberry Kool-Aid Icing

8th Birthday: Individual Fondant-Covered Chocolate Cakes and Oreo Cookie Cake Pops

This year, she has only asked that it be Red Velvet with Cream Cheese icing.  Aside from that, I have freedom to decorate as I wish.  And that’s where I’m hitting “decorator’s block.”  She chose to go bowling this year, so I was thinking that I would decorate in a bowling theme.  I’ve made my own marshmallow fondant and modeling chocolate before, so I don’t know why I am feeling particularly daunted by this cake.  What are some ideas that you have?  Leave a comment and keep ’em coming.  I have until Sunday to come up with something to beat all those that came before.